VCMx - Value
                                Chain Management Exchange

The VCMx global cash physical product Exchange provides the international market making, verification,coordination and transactional security for international buyers, sellers and trade service providers alike.

VCMx aggregates and connects value chain partners in providing supply chain solutions that leverage the very best transactional opportunities for producers, end users and agribusiness service providers, to complete the global value chain.



Contact Us:

Darhl Vercaigne, President
Value Chain Management Exchange
Skype: Darhl.Vercaigne
Fax (306) 781-1027
@DVercaigne Twitter
Darhl Vercaigne LinkedIn

c/o Keystone Marketing Services
32 Federal Drive
PO Box 541
White City, Sask.
S4L 5B1
Garry Kerr
Vice President
(306)374-6059 W
(306)716-5588 C
Skype: gary.kerr649

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Gerald Horne
Communications/Education Manager
Skype: gerald.horne
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