VCMx - Value
                                Chain Management Exchange

The VCMx global cash physical product Exchange provides the international market making, verification,coordination and transactional security for international buyers, sellers and trade service providers alike.

VCMx aggregates and connects value chain partners in providing supply chain solutions that leverage the very best transactional opportunities for producers, end users and agribusiness service providers, to complete the global value chain.

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Sellers, buyers, and service providers are authenticated.

Participants are registered on the VCMx website.
VCMx export buyers submit financial profiles to Export Development Canada to ensure credit capacity and insurability for sellerís products accounts receivable.
VCMx export sellers submit financial profiles to VCMx and transactional performance security in favour of VCMx registered buyer account.

Product is authenticated

Product is tested and certified by a qualified third-party grading/agronomy service company.
The product is "locked down" after submitted VCMx grading/agronomy profiles; quality is assured for online trade negotiations.

Sale is transacted

A qualified VCMx buyer meets a qualified VCMx seller on the VCMx web trading portal, negotiable transaction interface.
Anonymity is assured.

Quality of product is assured.

Communication is instantaneous.

Product is shipped and received at the negotiated VCMx transfer delivery/ownership point

Secured payment is issued by VCMx buyer and received by VCMx seller via international VCMx foreign exchange and accounts receivable electronic settlements service provider VCMx.

Service providers are paid

Third-party trade service providers are paid for their VCMx Exchange services.

Reliability and security of the value chain is assured

All VCMx transactions are logged for future reference.
If a contract dispute arises, mandatory VCMx Gafta contract mediation services resolves dispute between registered VCMx trade counterparties.
If registered VCMx buyer fails to pay, VCMx mandatory trade credit insurance settles accounts receivable claim for account of VCMx registered seller.

If registered VCMx seller fails to deliver, VCMx negotiated transaction trade performance security issued to VCMx buyer.

If verified VCMx logistics service provider fails to ship, VCMx negotiated transaction logistics performance security submitted to VCMx shipper.

VCMx is an international governed electronic exchange for registered buyers, sellers, and trade service providers trading in natural resource products.
It was designed to empower suppliers to connect with international buyers and value-added trade services with the mutual goals of expanding markets, improving transactional security, maximizing product margins and lowering marketing costs.


Building and managing global value chains

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