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A global verified physical product market can be likened to a Saturday morning farmers market. They occur at a set time and place, making it possible to connect buyers and sellers and personally examine the quality and availability of product on offer.

Like a farmers market, VCMx buyers have plenty of choices and can comparison-shop to ensure they get the best quality at the best possible price.

Unlike a farmers market, VCMx global markets trade 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Buyers and Sellers have the benefit of reaching many qualified counterparties in many different countries easily, saving time and money.

A global verified physical product Exchange provides the international market making, coordination and trade security for international buyers, sellers and service providers alike.

VCMx Exchange contracts (Gafta) provide for the unique capability of negotiable attributes backed by international governed standard form Gafta contracts and its dispute resolution mechanisms for all verified and registered trade counterparties.

In addition VCMx contracts provide Exchange trade counterparties with credit insured performance of accounts receivable and deliverables which facilitates the seamless transfer of knowledge, services and negotiable physical product attributes.

Whether you’re trading actively, production planning or product sourcing, our goal remains the same — to deliver unmatched value and service, the VCMx Exchange.

VCMx Exchange Platform

Smart marketing begins with great tools

The VCMx Exchange platform brings the information, infrastructure, verification, transactional assurance, trade governance, and exchange associated services needed for large-scale product differentiation in global markets.

By allowing buyers access to specific crops, varieties and quality attributes, and then identity preserving the product, the inherent value can be captured. This will help reduce any additional additives and enhancements buyers need to promote the low level of bulk commodity product characteristics in their desired manufacturing and processing specifications.

As VCMx buyers and sellers see the economic opportunity, there will be incentives to shift from undifferentiated commodities to value add products and services, Value Chains.

The VCMx exchange will act to reduce transaction costs and ensure security for any trade specialty or otherwise, transacted across its international secured platform, Value Chain Management.

These features will be of major importance in attracting and servicing new types of supply chains and supply chain management services, Value Chains.

VCMx operate as the electronic trade relationship maker and physical product and services exchange coordinator in a very large global marketplace. The exchange is the market coordinator and verification service provider for registered VCMx exchange participants in an expanding global marketplace.

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