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A global verified physical product market can be likened to a Saturday morning farmers market. They occur at a set time and place, making it possible to connect buyers and sellers and personally examine the quality of product on offer.

Like a farmers market, buyers have plenty of choices readily available and can comparison-shop to ensure they get the best quality at the best possible price..

Unlike a farmers market, global markets trade 24 hours per day 7 days per week

Buyers and Sellers have the benefit of reaching many qualified counterparties in many different countries easily, saving time and money.

A global verified physical product market provides the market coordination and security for international buyers, sellers and service providers alike, which make the transfer of knowledge, services and  physical products seamless.

VCMX exchange contracts (hyperlink GAFTA) provide for the unique capability of negotiable attributes backed by international governed GAFTA contracts and its dispute resolution mechanisms for all verified and registered trade counterparties.

VCMX provides the technology platform to deliver real time bid/offer on electronic negotiated cash contracts for  verified VCMX cash physical products and services.

Intra-day cash commodity quotes, forex quotes, logistics quotes, product grading and product production verification bids and offers are available. Quotes are updated continuously throughout each trading day.

Whether you’re trading actively, production planning or product sourcing, our goal remains the same — to deliver unmatched value and service.

Smart marketing starts with great tools. Research and execute orders quickly and easily with our roster of powerful VCMX education, planning and trading tools.

Marketing ManagerVCMx provides professional services to assist you in developing and implementing a marketing and risk management plan.

Since our inception in 1986 we have specialized in educating and supporting our clients to learn new marketing and risk management methods to enhance their profitability and add value to their business.

The first step is to develop a written marketing plan to obtain practical financial growth and risk reduction strategies.

While the plan is of fundamental importance in maximizing market potential, the ability to execute in a timely and professional manner is critical.

VCMx provides our preferred clients with a professional risk management consultant to analyze their current situation, design and implement a program to maximize profits by managing market risks.

The preferred client program moves beyond identifying and recommending market management strategies.

Preferred clients gain access to the trade execution and ongoing risk management services of KMS Marketing Manager™

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