As global supply chain participants operate in an environment of increasing market volatility, traditional risk management programs are only somewhat effective or not effective at all.

These risks include margin erosion and the inability to keep up with global demand in a time sensitive manner

Because of the complex nature of today’s supply chains, disruptions will inevitably occur. True resilience means building in the ability to recover efficiently and decrease the impact of unfavorable logistics events.

VCMx provides the global supply chain platform to enable matching of demand for products to the supply profiles of products and coordination of logistics to substantially reduce exposure to supply chain volatility.

This is accomplished by the VCMx verified transactional interface which enhances VCMx member:

Visibility : The ability to monitor supply chain events and patterns as they happen, which enables companies to proactively—and even preemptively—address problems.

Flexibility : Being able to adapt to problems efficiently, without significantly increasing operational costs, and make timely adjustments that limit the impact of disruptions.

Collaboration : Having trust-based relationships that allow companies to work closely with supply chain partners to identify risk and avoid disruptions.

Control : On-line monitoring capabilities and control mechanisms that help confirm that transactional procedures and processes are actually followed through to fulfillment.

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