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For 135 years Gafta’s mission is to promote international trade and to protect our members' interests worldwide.

Gafta provides an international Trade Association with over 1,400 Members in 86 countries. Our aim is to promote international trade in grain, animal feed materials, pulses, and rice, and to protect the interests of our members worldwide, providing the support and international contacts they require.

Gafta can trace its origins back to 1878, when members of the corn trade established the London Corn Trade Association (LCTA) in order to protect their interests. The LCTA sought to achieve this through the adoption of standard forms of contract, drawn up by the Association, with any disputes arising out of these contracts being settled by arbitration rather than by legislation. Disputes were referred to London and conducted under English law.

Gafta continues to protect its members’ interests through standard forms of contract. It provides an internationally respected dispute resolution service offering both arbitration and mediation to parties using GAFTA standard contracts.

In supporting its aim of promoting international trade, GAFTA operates a Trade Assurance Scheme (GTAS), holds registers of approved superintendents and analysts, and provides regularly training courses for both members and non-members operating in our trade.

GAFTA members operate in all areas of the trade. Membership categories reflect the different aspect of the trade and include traders, brokers, superintendents, fumigators, analysts and arbitrators.

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