The best risk management starts with knowledge and an understanding of how critically important applied risk management is at all levels.

The first step is to understand the tools of the trade.

Through a series of online webinars and one-on-one consulting, VCMx clients learn the basics of how to participate on the VCMx Exchange, and how to benefit from its unique product suite and services.

Subsequent advanced knowledge in risk management practices are delivered by accredited VCMX education members whose knowledge and experience provide VCMX clients the confidence to engage and trade the global community.

As you learn, we customize best trade practices, risk management tools, and secured VCMx cash contracting opportunities tailored to your business.

Contact us for further information:

Darhl Vercaigne, President
Value Chain Management Exchange Inc.
Phone (306)789-4164
Skype: Darhl.Vercaigne
Fax (306)781-1027
Gary Kerr, Vice President
Value Chain Management Exchange Inc.
Phone (306)374-6050
Skype: gary.kerr649


Building and managing value chains in a global economy

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